Thu, 19 Jun 2003
New release of WebUnit

If anyone's interested, I just put out version 1.2.2 of WebUnit, my "website unit/regression testing tool". This release has a couple of patches from Roché Compaan.

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woot! Konqueror native on OSX!

This is some very good news. More Qt/Mac goodness, meaning:

Sam Magnuson from Trolltech already got much of KDE building on Qt/Mac a while ago (screenshots showing Konqueror, Kontact, Games and KOffice). The new license now offered allows to distribute binary builds of KDE for Qt/Mac soon.

from the dot

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Looking to do web stuff with Python?

I just pointed a friend at The Web Framework Shootout which I'd known about but never actually looked at until now. It's definitely my next stop before I develop my next web application. PyPI would probably have turned out slightly differently if I'd gone there first (and had a vague idea of how much web interface I'd end up developing for it - which was obviously more than I'd orignally anticipated ;)

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