Tue, 23 Sep 2003
DVD fun

We've just bought "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" collector's edition DVD - this is what DVD was invented for:

Yes, it really does have the LEGO version :)

We also got a Goodies compilation which includes episodes from before I was born up to ones made while I was watching the show. Including Kitten Kong. Happy :)

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Gardening, and PyQt is so nice

Last weekend was spent mostly in the garden. It's now early spring, so the weather's warming up and the plants are going ape and are generally in need of some TLC. Oh, and Rachel and I picked out about a couple of dozen new trees to plant, so they had to go into the ground too.

I'm in terrible shape though, so on Saturday I planned ahead and we went out for dinner (Shakahari, one of the best vegie restaurants in Australia) which was yummy, as always. After a night's sleep, I was reminded just how unfit I really am, so I spent Sunday doing mostly small cleanup work instead of more weed removal.

Eventually, I stopped that and played with another programming side-project which I decided needed a GUI. I've previously used PyQt for various things, but this time I had a potential audience that couldn't be stuffed installing PyQt. So I tried tkinter. Ugh. Never again. Ugh.

A couple of hours later, I'd used Qt Designer to create five interfaces and I'd wired most of my existing code into those. Painless! Except now I need to get my audience to install PyQt, which can be anything but painless. I can't even get sip to compile on OSX, let alone trying for PyQt itself. Ah well, it's a good thing I've got Linux too :)

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