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How many seconds is it in one minute before deadline...

Posted on 2005/09/04 01:03

Well, it wouldn't be a one week entry if you didn't work into the last minutes would it? And since we totally suck at making sure we all are being useful we had a situation where Srekel and I waited into the last secs on the highscore system from xevz, unluckily it wasn't done in time and we had to submit without it. So you'll have to keep track of the clock and see how it stands in the end, where it will simply exit. Or you run it from the console and check the score on the command line when it exits.

What we also didn't have time for was tweaking the variable to make a reasonable easy game, but it is definately winnable, if you do it right. It's normal to be back some thousand for a while, just wait and make sure you have power for all the blocks you connect to.

Srekel is currently nagging me about posting a link to a video of the gameplay that he made so I guess I'll do that now: Nice moves, eh? [1.24 MB] It isn't entirely accurate on how the final version works and looks though, but it isn't much that differ. Also it's good if you prefer downloading a movie in 1.2MB to downloading a game in 120kB.

And now for what you all are waiting for, right? Screenshots:

So, now yo've seen how it looks, now go play it! (and beat that score in the last shot)

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