Latest: The crappy digital camera is simply too good at losing photos, and my frustration level has been reached. I've had six days running of not having any viable photos from anywhere more than 10 meters from the computer. I fully intend to re-start the project once I get a camera that reliably stores and retrieves the images. I'm not a happy photographer :(

What's this about? In brief, "I'm going to attempt to take a photo with the crappy digital camera every day, and my goal is to post it on the web for whoever cares (probably just me ;) to see."
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Note that the images are unmodified (unless noted - sometimes I feel like stretching the colour histogram, but have avoided the urge so far). The only cheating I've done so far is to use a previous day's image - because the camera and desktop software conspire to lose my daily crop of images on a regular basis (about 1/3 of days so far).

I've also autotraced some of the images, which looks quite cool.