I've got a bunch of stuff scattered about the net that I've produced. Some of it is in a barely usable state, some of it more polished. I'll at least split them up into stuff I'm working on and stuff I've left aside for a while:

PyWeek, my bi-annual game programming challenge.
PyPI, the Python Cheese Shop / Package Index (project info).
pyglet, a cross-platform multimedia library written in pure Python. It uses built-in operating system facilities on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows to provide windowing, drawing, event handling and so on.
cocos2d, a cross-platform game library built on top of pyglet.
html for simple, elegant HTML/XHTML generation in Python code.
worm for a worm crawling across your terminal to display progress.
Bruce the Presentation Tool, the presentation tool for Python programmers.
Catch the Cootie (unfinished PyWeek solo entry)
Endless Path (PyWeek solo entry)
Abbey's Grand Adventure (PyWeek solo entry)
Threads of Fate (PyWeek team, then Pyggy solo entry)
Bouncy, the Hungry Rabbit (PyWeek solo entry)
Steam Of The Colossus! (PyWeek solo entry)
Power Core (PyWeek team entry)
Ghosts (LD48 solo entry)
Ducks! (LD48 solo entry)
Not So Active (but working)
Task Planner, my simple project management tool
Web unit testing code
ReStructuredText sandbox including a PythonPoint formatter for simple documents.
Python Web Performance Tool (ok, the project's a bit slow, but the tool rocks :)
GadflyB5: SQL Relational Database in Python (I'm maintaining it, I didn't write it :)
PyOpenGL UFO code and piccies
Notes on Optimising Zope
Handed On
Roundup, an issue (bug, helpdesk, you name it) tracker.
My submission to the pygame font "contest":
              skyscraper       i love you

gdmodule, a python interface to GD.
Call Profiler - profile your Zope website (integrated into Zope 2.6)
ReStructuredText Document for Zope (integrated into Zope 2.7)
Graveyard (stuff that may still work)
Mac OS X Zope Controller GUI
Windows Zope Controller GUI
Python Logging (PEP 282) extensions
QA Testing product for Zope
HTTPD logfile reporting tool