Richard Jones' Log

Wed, 23 Nov 2005
An aside

What does Edison Hate Future mean to you? If you think it's funny and/or cool - why? If you don't feel free to tell me why too :)

To me, some are funny, some are smart and some are both. I'm having trouble explaining why though. In some cases, it's simply Ellis' turn of phrase - very similar to some of his writing in Transmetropolitan - that makes me laugh. It may be that without Transmet they lose their impact. In other cases, his prose doesn't necessarily make me laugh but it is clever. His ability to interpret the scene in so many ways is part of it, I suppose.

I know what I need - some kind of electric t-shirt that will slowly cycle through the whole set of images. Now that would be cool, wearing that and zooming around in my jetpack. Not around Abbey - once she can read (and fly jetpacks) - of course.

Mon, 21 Nov 2005
Open Source Developers' Conference fast approaching

I've been hella busy lately, as I've taken over the role of organising the program for OSDC in December. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the proceedings, which are looking both pretty and good value. The presentations timetable is up too. There's a really good spread of talks both about Python and related technologies like the web, databases, linux and so on. Come along!

In other news, the OSDC name has spread, with conferences coming in Israel and ... other places I don't believe I'm allowed to mention yet.