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Sun, 22 Apr 2007
Another Python Game Programming Challenge concludes
Which way is up?
Bubble Kong

The fourth Python Game Programming Challenge (PyWeek) has now concluded with judges declaring the winners:

Individual: Which way is up? by Hectigo
Team: Bubble Kong by The Olde Battleaxe

Congratulations to them and to the other entrants. You may view the complete listing of entries and their scores over a the PyWeek website.

Before anyone asks, the next challenge will be in 6 months. There is no a date set.

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Sun, 08 Apr 2007
Last week...

I got a new job with Blue Box Devices. It's not web development! Yay! :)

Another PyWeek over

Wow, what a week. I had the great privilege to work with Chris "fydo" Hopp (graphics + sfx) and Joona "JDruid" Karjalainen (music + sfx). I wrote the code (except for the intro and story, where I helped Chris with some OpenGL.)

Our team, Fluffy Menace had a pretty big vision for the game. Well, I was pushing it pretty hard. Too hard, I guess. The result is a game that's very big, but with not much to do. If you're interested, read the README that comes with the game, and if you're even more interested you can poke around the project site that we used to organise ourselves in.

It's been very successful. During the week we could see that there was going to be a higher standard of entry this time around. The participation numbers are up too:

# 116111226
# 21307836
# 31458230
# 419010252

Entries may be team or individual. There's clearly more team entries now than when the challenge started. I happen to know that several people had more than one entry this time around too.

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