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Wed, 27 Jul 2011
Using Solaris "priv" with Fabric

I needed support for "priv" instead of Fabric's built-in "sudo" support. I went through a number of (sometimes quite horrific) iterations before I settled on this relatively simple solution:

import contextlib

def priv(user):
    '''Context manager to cause all run()'ed operations to be
    Replaces with the priv command for the duration of the
    save_shell = = 'priv su - %s -c' % user
    yield = save_shell

This is then used in a fabfile like so:

    with priv('remote_user'):
        run('do some remote command as remote_user')
        run('another remote command as remote_user')
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Fri, 22 Jul 2011
PyWeek 13 (September 2011) is coming!

The 13th Python Game Programming Challenge (PyWeek) is coming. It'll run from the 11th to the 18th of September.

The PyWeek challenge:

  1. Invites entrants to write a game in one week from scratch either as an individual or in a team,
  2. Is intended to be challenging and fun,
  3. Will hopefully increase the public body of game tools, code and expertise,
  4. Will let a lot of people actually finish a game, and
  5. May inspire new projects (with ready made teams!)

If you've never written a game before and would like to try things out then perhaps you could try either:

  1. The tutorial I presented at LCA 2010, Introduction to Game Programming, or
  2. The book Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python
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