Richard Jones' Log

Tue, 23 Aug 2011
Cheese Shop (PyPI) sprinting at PyCon AU

We've had a fun couple of days sprinting on the Cheese Shop at PyCon AU where a number of contributors have fixed bugs and improved or added features (though always with the goal of keeping the service simple of course.)

In particular:

  1. Andy Todd helped clean up some aspects of the underlying database and fix up some of the sql.
  2. Capel Brunker added some more XML-RPC functionality, performed some tracker triage and also addressed some bugs and security issues.
  3. Kaleb Ufton, in his first contribution to Open Source development, added a bug tracker URL field to packages (which persists across releases and you must enter by editing through the website.) He also helped me sort out some twisted Apache configuration issues.
  4. I finally got around to writing the "newest packages" RSS feed.

There's another secret project we kicked off that will hopefully appear in the next couple of days, and some additional work that will hopefully come to fruition within a week or so. Stay tuned :-)

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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