Richard Jones' Log: Ray Hound and Warning Forever

Fri, 07 Dec 2007

It just took me a while to find these great games again, so here they are for the public memory: Ray Hound (scroll down, Japanese only) and Warning Forever (English).

Ray Hound can be fun to figure out - in short, you control things with the mouse. When you hit the mouse button you can grab the rays shot by the baddies, and throw them around, hopefully hitting the baddies to blow them up. If you move quickly enough into rays you have a chance of deflecting them.

Warning Forever has English instructions, yay :)

Sadly neither game works under the latest available Wine for Ubuntu (0.9.50)

Comment by anon on Sun, 10 Feb 2008

For warning forever to work, cd its directory first, then run it in WINE. I found this tip in WineHQ's AppDB, and confirmed it to work for my system (Ubuntu 7.10 x86 with Wine 0.9.54, Radeon Mobility X1400 with ATI Catalyst 7.11)

Comment by anon on Sun, 10 Feb 2008

I think you can figure this out already, but I meant for you to cd into its directory first (cd (wherever) && wine ./wf.exe) By the way, doing this will fix many games that give an error about some necessary data file not found. I haven't tried full screen mode, so I can't say how that works. However, pretty much everything is fully functional, and the game runs full speed with sound. It doesn't seem to want to save any changes made to the controls, though. Either way, you certainly can enjoy the game in Linux, as it runs pretty much the way it does in Windows.