Richard Jones' Log: Beer

Sun, 06 Jun 2004

I wasn't a big beer drinker. To be honest, I never really liked it much ("it" being Vic Bitter, Fosters Lager and maybe a "cold filtered" ale). Then Rachel and I went to Oktoberfest a few years back on the way to somewhere else - we certainly wouldn't have planned to go just to Oktoberfest (though we would again and do want to go back to spend a week at the Deutsches Museum). We had a ball and drank the requisite litre of beer each (the standard serving) whilst bopping along to oompah bands. And loved it.

Since then, through friends and a decent liquor store, we've been trying all manner of new beers. Most of them are imported from Europe, but quite a number of our favourite beers are from lesser-known breweries in Australia like Little Creatures (Rachel has a theory that any beer to do with animals or creatures must be good - Little Creatures, Elephant Beer, Redback, Kirin, ...). In particular, we're devotees of the Cascade's limited-release beers like their seasonals (Summer Blonde, Autumn Ale, etc). Well, today I got a hold of their most limited of limited releases, the First Harvest Ale.

Once a year, the first Williamette & Cascade green hops of the season are harvested to supply enough for a single days brewing... to create the Cascade First Harvest Ale.

Man, this tastes good. I'm savoring it. We only have four bottles, and were lucky to have gotten them.