Richard Jones' Log: Looking for podcasts

Wed, 02 Aug 2006

I'm looking for some downtempo podcasts like "Tempo of the Down". I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything as most podcast index sites just lump all music podcasts into one lump. Or if they do have an electronic music section, there's just a name and a link to an RSS feed - no description. This basically means I would need to randomly select a feed and listen to it. This is how I found Tempo of the Down - but I had to download half a dozen podcasts (at around 75MB or so each) before I did find it.

I'm getting the feeling that most podcasts are discovered through human networking...

Any suggestions?

Comment by Harold J. Johnson on Wed, 09 Aug 2006

Hi MechCat, Thanks for mentioned my podcast "Tempo of the Down" here. I agree; it's difficult to find specific genre podcasts. Some of it is certainly social networking -- that's how I find alot of the podcasts I listen to. You may want to check out resources like the Association of Music Podcasting for information about a variety of music podcasts of various genres. But for downtempo, I don't know where to look myself. I can recommend, however, a show I used to listen to all the time (though it's more of an ambient podcast than a downtempo podcast): SpaceMusic. Check it out!

Comment by Harold J. Johnson on Wed, 09 Aug 2006

By the way, Richard: I don't know if there's something wrong with your feed, or if it's just me, but I tried plugging your feed into my preferred aggegator and it wouldn't take. So I cut the feed down to and now I'm subscribed! Don't know what the deal is, but thought I'd let you know...Thanks again (see my previous post)!

Comment by Richard Jones on Wed, 09 Aug 2006

Thanks Harold!

Yeah, my weblog software is home-grown and has some rough edges :)

Comment by Harold J. Johnson on Wed, 09 Aug 2006

Home-grown? Holy Pyledo! Did you build this yourself? Did you use Python? I'm just beginning to learn Ruby myself...

Comment by Richard Jones on Thu, 10 Aug 2006

Heh :)

I do Python and Zope work for a living, so it kinda made sense that I write my own blog software. Unfortunately, I don't find the time to fix up some of the sharp edges like the one you found. I'm too busy writing games in my spare time :)