Richard Jones' Log: More US paranoia

Wed, 07 Jan 2004

On the back of the articles I linked to yesterday, it would seem that to travel to the US in the near future:

  1. I'll need a visa, where previously as a citizen of one of 27 "waiver" countries I didn't have to.
    Studies estimated that without the visa waiver system, the United States would lose at least $US10 billion to $US15 billion ($A13.05 billion to $A19.58 billion) in visitor revenue each year.
  2. I'll no longer be able to queue for the toilet on any flight into the US.
    The chief executive of the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia, Warren Bennett, said the decision bordered on American paranoia. He said it would place "enormous stress" on flight crew.

    "Passengers are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand they are advised to move around an aircraft during flights for health reasons but now they are being told not to congregate. It doesn't make sense," he said.

Land of the free, home of the brave.