Richard Jones' Log: OSDC 2005 is all over

Wed, 07 Dec 2005

Some of my best memories:

  • There seemed to be a lot more cross-pollenation and willingness to talk across languages and environments.
  • WSGI and Twisted are making sense now. Nufox is very cool and I need to do something with that.
  • POWER CORE looked pretty damned good up on the Big Screen during the lightning talks :)
  • My presentation went really well. Feedback was positive, and Bruce* didn't crash.
  • Seeing the OSI 7-layer cake and explanatory poetry in under 5 minutes.
  • Catching up with people was great again - though as usual there never seems to be enough time.

Next year can only be bigger and better.

Yes, Bruce the presentation software will be released after I catch my breath.