Richard Jones' Log: Usually it's easier than this ...

Wed, 21 Jan 2004

On the roundup-users mailing list we're been helping out a guy who'd had some troubles getting started. To be honest, things were a little weird. I'd even gotten to the point of asking whether basic things were working (the bundled demo, what browser was he using, that sort of thing). Then I get this update:

Now for how we fixed this. A short while ago my daughter jumped up from her computer, very excited, yelling that her monitor was on fire. I smelled smoke so hit the EPO (otherwise known as the button on the master power strip here). There was a liquid on the side of the monitor and a cat on the table. When I brought the systems back on-line I was able to create issues, and admin could look at user lists, etc. So it seems I owe the resolution of these problems to a cat ruining my monitor.

Ah, life!

Note that normally users don't have to sacrifice electrical equipment to get Roundup going.