Richard Jones' Log: Daddy t-shirts

Sat, 29 Jan 2005

After the recent "guilt and parenting go hand in hand" sentiment on Daddy Types, it looks like The Onion are on the game too, with their "I'm going to be the worst father ever" t-shirt. I'm a Large.

Actually, Toby, Callum (on the left), Abbey and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium yesterday afternoon. Overall I think everyone had a fun time - Abbey was just amazed by several of the huge tanks, and spent a fair amount of time "pook pook"ing to the fish, possibly in an attempt to communicate (she learnt very early on, though not via Lenore, that fishies go "pook pook"). Photos of Abbey at the aquarium to come when I dump the camera contents next month. So, a success, yay!

I waited until the end of the day to try to burn out her mouth with dinner that was too hot :( OK, I exaggerate. There was much crying though. She was able to eat her brekky this morning, and doesn't appear to hold a permanent grudge, so maybe everything will be OK ;)

Comment by Andy Todd on Sun, 30 Jan 2005

I'm a large too. I spent yesterday following my toddler around Taronga Zoo. I needed a good long sit down afterwards.