Richard Jones' Log: Linkfest

Mon, 12 Apr 2004

Too busy to post real entries, so here's random links (Harper's, Overlawyered, Legaltorrents, IOTD Gallery, free boardgames, SMH web diary):

  • Harper's index for March 2004: is as eye-opening as ever (includes a link to a speech made by Donald Rumsfeld attacking war profiteering by US military contractor Brown & Root).
  • Overlawyered: Chronicling the high cost of our legal system (US, Australia and others)
  • Legaltorrents: a collection of legally downloadable, freely distributable files, both net.label electronic MP3s and other media items, which we've made available via BitTorrent.
  • Image Of The Day Gallery: cool snapshots of computer graphic works-in-progress, back on the air after a hiatus.
  • Free boardgames: page actually contains a top 10 selection, but there's more linked.
  • SMH Web Diary: a great daily read of current afairs analysis, with feedback. Has a charter available.

That'll do for now :)