Richard Jones' Log: On users of software

Wed, 12 Jan 2005

Inbox full of errors from system, generated by users trained to believe that if they just keep hitting the button, it'll eventually work.

Paraphrasing: "If I press this button, it hurts. Ow ... ow ... ow ... ow ... ow ..."

Appropriate Simpsons moment:

Bart's turn again. A cupcake is connected to the mild electrical current. There's even a sign that says, "Do not touch." Bart sees the cupcake. Bart sees the sign. He tosses it aside and goes for the cupcake. He gets shocked. Imitating Moe (not the bartender) "Wiseguy, eh?". He tries again, and slaps himself like Curly. He tries once more. "Ow." Again. "Ow." Again. "Ow." Lisa once again takes score. "Hamster 2, Bart 0"