Richard Jones' Log: Today in Alternate History

Sun, 13 Jun 2004

Robbie Taylor writes about Important Events In History That Never Occurred Today. It's a great read, but note that you'll need to read several entries to really get the full impact, such as for today, June 12:

In 1934, Pascal, LLC, with the assistance of Carla Lambert, persuaded Congress to fund a system of linking Eddies together such that they could share information constantly. Using telegraph lines and radio frequencies set aside for them by the Congress, Pascal constructed a Knowledge Railroad that made the almost instantaneous transmission of information possible across the nation.

which refers to eddies, which were revealed to the world on May 27,:

In 1872, on the 50th anniversary of Charles Babbage's difference engine, Thomas Edison unveiled his electric-powered version of the machine. The Edison EDE's, (Eddies, as they were known popularly), initially sold only to the US, British and French governments, became so useful that within a decade, most governments and large businesses were using them.

Lots of great alt-history ideas in there.

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