Richard Jones' Log: Wasting time at an airport

Sat, 20 May 2006

My plane to Iceland (via London) is late leaving Melbourne. To compensate, I'm waiting in a hotel listening to Bj�rk and coding some random CPython stuff :). I've tried to spend the time productively, but these thoughts have briefly interrupted:

  • The newest wiki on the block, the Game Innovation Database (GIDb) is way cool and deserves further attention.
  • I downloaded and played EVE-online yesterday since I'll be meeting some of the developers in the next week and should know what it is they've done. And it's a very cool game that I'll be looking into some more. Grab the amazing video EVE Never Fades for an idea of the game set a great song -- I'm now looking into junkiexl for more music.
  • It just occurred to me that these are potential creatures for spore. The spore site's flash anim made me chuckle too.

This list may get longer...