Richard Jones' Log: More HTPC investigation

Thu, 03 Mar 2005

I'm not sure we'll ever see the VIA EPIA SP motherboard for sale in Australia, so I'm starting to look into other options. I just priced up a Shuttle-based Athlon 64 system (after reading a nice HOWTO on the subject) and it came in at just over $1200. That's definitely in the running then.

Comment by James Kew on Thu, 03 Mar 2005

Make sure you get one with the SilentX PSU -- I have an older Shuttle with the stock PSU and find it a touch too noisy. (The stock fan isn't the quietest either, but is easily changed.)

Love the form factor though: when I emigrated, it came with me in its rucksack as hand baggage.

Comment by danny on Sat, 30 Apr 2005

it is available at EYO computers