Richard Jones' Log: Store to memory: OS X file opening

Wed, 05 May 2004

Opening a file in a directory like "/usr" in OS X programs is tricky, given that Apple doesn't want users to know about such places. Thanks to Toby, I now have a couple of ways of getting there:

  1. If it's a file I just want to open with the default program for its type, then I can use the open command, like "open index.html", or
  2. If I'm stuck using the file dialog, then the apple-shift-G keystroke will let me type a directory location manually.

Ta, Toby :)

Comment by dog of flanders on Sun, 09 May 2004

type file:///usr in the address bar in safari: you get a finder window allowing you to browse the /usr dir.

In 10.3, you can drag the usr folder to the left of the window, beath desktop, applications and the like.

Or you can drag it to the top of the window in all versions of OS X.