Richard Jones' Log: A better python cheese shop, what you can do

Mon, 22 Jan 2007

Rene Dudfield posts some of his ideas about that he'd change in the Cheese Shop.

I'd like to help people out by supplying some thoughts about how to address his points:

1. What has changed in this release of software?
A number of package maintainers -- including myself but also those responsible for the "zope." packages -- are now including a change note in the description field which lists the changes for a given release. This field may be formatted in ReStructuredText so you can get pretty fancy.
2. Faster browsing.
This one's tricky as the browse interface is by nature quite complex. Given the browse combinations possible, caching would be very hard. The interface itself has been optimised a couple of times, but anyone is welcome to have a go at it and make it even faster.
3. Screen shots.
See point #1 about ReST. There's nothing stopping you adding in a link to screenshots -- or even embedding images -- in your package's description.

If you're interested in working on the interface I'm always happy to accept contributions, and even happier to accept volunteers to help look after it (I'm still the only one :). There's info on how to go about this linked from the Cheese Shop itself through the Developers link in the sidebar.

Comment by Ian Bicking on Mon, 22 Jan 2007

It would be nice to see changes in the RSS feed; I guess that could mean a complete description, though having a specific changes... something, would be helpful. It could be done by convention in the description, perhaps, I dunno... adding something to is not appealing.

And of course search would be at the top of my list. Like right now if you search for "amplee" (the first thing that came to mind), you *do* get the package you want. But you get an old version. Google totally sucks.

Comment by Richard on Tue, 23 Jan 2007

As always I'm happy to accept patches.