Richard Jones' Log: Another new thing in Python 2.5

Tue, 11 Apr 2006

This one isn't in the What's New yet, so I thought I'd mention it here. Python 2.5's distutils has a new "upload" command that was added during the 2005 PyCon sprints by Martin v. L�wis. It's way cool, and may be chained with any other distutils packaging command, so:

python2.5 sdist upload --sign
python2.5 bdist_wininst upload

These commands will generate a GPG-signed source distribution and windows distribution and upload them to the Cheese Shop.

I'm probably way too late, and don't really have time to look into this, but for PyWeek I wrote an HTTP uploader script that gives progress feedback. It doesn't play nicely with proxies, but otherwise seems to work well. Perhaps some enthusiastic soul might get something like this into 2.5 before it's released...