Richard Jones' Log: Sprint Day 4 - another PyPI update!

Tue, 22 Mar 2005

PyPI has had its last feature update for the Sprints. New features:

  1. ReStructuredText formatting of descriptions - eg. Roundup 0.8.2 (no existing descriptions have been processed - to force a reformatting, just edit the release description online).
  2. Files may have accompanying OpenPGP signatures. These may be generated automatically using the "--sign" (or "-s") switch on the "upload" command. Note that the "upload" command requires Python CVS (to be Python 2.5). You can still submit files via the web interface.
  3. The web interface now uses Zope Page Templates for the HTML and XML rendering. A whole lot of interface cleaning up was done during this process.
  4. PyPI is much more sane in its handling of Unicode and UTF-8 (unfortunately, this means existing files with latin-1 fields will not submit - if they're changed to UTF-8 they should submit OK).
  5. There's a nicer way to link to releases:
  6. Selenium tests for the web interface.

A big thanks to my PyPI / distutils co-conspirators: Fred Drake, Sean Reifschneider, Martin v. L�wis, Mick Twomey, John Camara, Andy Harrington, Andrew Kuchling, David Goodger and Ian Bicking (with Barry Warsaw in a supporting role).

I'm not off for an afternoon at the Air & Space Museum (I hope).