Richard Jones' Log: Back home from PyCon

Mon, 28 Mar 2005

Well, I finally emerged from the airport to see Rachel and Abbey at 9am Melbourne time yesterday. The trip is really quite arduous but unexciting. The only excitement came right at the start when there was a security scare in the middle concourse (the important one for me) at the D.C. National airport. Closed it down for about half an hour, which meant lines of passengers reaching to either end of the terminal (an impressive sight very poorly captured by my mobile camera, so I won't post the image). It cleared up though, and my flight wasn't delayed, which was an enormous relief (I only had about 30 minutes to change planes in Texas, but the 5 hour change in LA was a little more comforting).

I'm going to be doing all I can to make it next year. Hopefully I get stupidly rich and can afford business class. I'm not holding my breath though.