Richard Jones' Log: Bruce 2.0 updated

Tue, 11 Mar 2008

I've just put up beta 2 of Bruce the Presentation Tool. I'm not really sticking with the "alpha"/"beta" thing very well as I've added some more features and changed a couple of small things ;) There's some useful stuff in there though like scaling of fonts for the actual fullscreen viewport, fixing up the config/flags confusion, getting plugins working and a bunch of other stuff. See the PyPI page for more info.

I got my EEE PC back from Asus today. The problem with the trackpad / buttons went away which is both a good thing (I can pack it for PyCon) and a bad thing (no-one actually did anything to make it go away).

Bruce runs just fine on the EEE :) The scaling I mention above is really handy to accommodate the EEE's 800x480 screen (Bruce's default res is 1024x768).

Comment by Shawn Wheatley on Tue, 11 Mar 2008

I know macbooks have been big at PyCon for the last few years... Think we'll see a lot of EeePCs this year? I plan on bringing mine. Maybe all us Eee owners can start a BoF session ;)