Richard Jones' Log: Bruce the Presentation Tool updated

Tue, 02 Jan 2007

Anthony and I (amongst others) used Bruce the Presentation Tool during our talks at OSDC back in December. Of course a large part of writing the talks consisted of hacking on the presentation tool to add new cool features. Anthony's put in the hard yards and cleaned up that hacking, releasing version 1.2 for your presentational pleasure.

This release has the new driver script, "" which enables writing presentations in a much more terse, plain-text file. There's heaps of other stuff too like support for spawning external processes, code page highlighting (very cool for walking through code samples), ...

Comment by Andy Todd on Wed, 03 Jan 2007

Once more, thank you for Bruce.

Are you accepting patches for, say, alternative layout styles in TextPages?

Comment by Richard Jones on Wed, 03 Jan 2007

Sure, patches are welcome!