Richard Jones' Log: Conferences...

Wed, 30 Jan 2008

Alex and I gave some presentations at the gaming miniconf at yesterday.

The first bit was a pyglet walkthrough / tutorial sort of thing - I spoke and Alex typed and after 40 minutes we'd implemented a simple 2d shoot-em-up game. There'll be more about that on the pyglet website later, but the basic files are there now (well, except for the actual game source code but it should appear in the next 24 hours).

Alex then gave a 20-minute talk about pyglet's history and immediate future development. And also demoed some cool games / apps that have been written already. I gave a 15-minute spiel about PyWeek. More on that in another post :)

All up it was an interesting day and I think our presentations went pretty well, even if I was a little lax in preparing the PyWeek presentation and forgot some stuff.

In other news, I'm booked for PyCon 2008. Alex will hopefully be coming along too, but that's dependent on funding. I need to book flights once I've sorted one other detail out. I will be there for the conference and sprints. I'm hoping to see a little of Chicago too...