Richard Jones' Log: New pyblagg feed parser coming soon...

Sat, 22 Jan 2005

I needed to do something else for a change, so I've decided to hack up a new generator for pyblagg. It's in testing at the moment, and I hope to have it in place in the next few days.

It fixes the long-standing issues I've had regarding scraping the wiki page that has the feeds (was done by hand, now done by script ;), and also handling undated feeds (why oh why do those pybloxsom feeds still remain undated?) It uses the latest, including using the e-tag and last-modified support. I'm going to set up an RSS feed for the page itself, and one of those fancy FOAF/OPML things for the blogroll.

And ob-sqlite, it now uses sqlite for the feed / entries storage ;)

I'm also going to contact the planet python maintainer to see whether we should pool resources regarding feed URLs.