Richard Jones' Log: Open Source Developers' Conference fast approaching

Mon, 21 Nov 2005

I've been hella busy lately, as I've taken over the role of organising the program for OSDC in December. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the proceedings, which are looking both pretty and good value. The presentations timetable is up too. There's a really good spread of talks both about Python and related technologies like the web, databases, linux and so on. Come along!

In other news, the OSDC name has spread, with conferences coming in Israel and ... other places I don't believe I'm allowed to mention yet.

Comment by Timothy Stebbing on Thu, 24 Nov 2005

It would rock it there was some form of afiliation and a global OSDC group, that way OSDC's could share speakers by avoiding cross-over conferences, or even be video-linked and all run at the same time etc. A global mailing list might also be interesting.


Comment by Geoff Wilson on Wed, 07 Dec 2005

Any chance of posting the PyGame based presentation software you used at OSDC up here?