Richard Jones' Log: pyblagg re-blat solved

Mon, 07 Feb 2005

I finally figured out why pyblagg was being blatted* by some people's weblogs even at this stage. I've been running it in test mode for a little over a week, and figured that all the undated feeds had all been fetched by now. Well, they probably have all been fetched. The catch (until this morning) was that when I fetched an undated feed, I assigned the fetch date to the feed's new entries in the feed so they'd be reasonably sorted with the other entries which are dated. Unfortunately, I also cleaned out the entries database, removing entries older that an week. Therefore those undated feeds would get re-fetched, and thus re-blat the pyblagg page, once a week. Sigh. Undated feeds. So now I only delete the old feed entries if there's > 200 (arbitrary number) entries for the feed. Hopefully that'll reduce or elminate the blatting from undated feeds.

*: "blatting" in this instance == all of a given feed's entries show up in a block in the page, even ancient ones.