Richard Jones' Log: PyCon 2007 day 1

Sat, 24 Feb 2007

There's so many people here.

I managed to wake up in time to get to the keynote, which was great because it was about the OLPC. That's an interesting project. It's certainly an incredible technological achievement. Whether it's going to be a worthwhile project is still very much up for debate, and as far as I'm concerned only time will tell.

Moving on I attended presentations on The State Of Zope, Stackless Python, PyPy, Python in Imageworks (so that's what Pete Shinners is doing these days) and pyweek.

In between those talks there was a strong "Hallway BoF" where I discussed ctypes, pyglet, pygame, pypy, slow attributes in new-style classes and more. I met up with Pete Shinners and Phil Hassey which was great. Didn't actually get to attend the Game Clinic in the evening because the PSF meeting went way over-time. Finished the day up in the EWT suite talking more about python's internals, gender in computing and generally moaning about the length of the PSF meeting over beer until I bowed out at about 1.

It was a long, long day, and day 2 is currently starting with Adele Goldberg telling us that e-Learning might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Comment by Michael Hudson on Sun, 25 Feb 2007

Much more sensible than me ... Denny's at 4am and bed at 5:30 is the ideal approach to jetlag, I'm sure.