Richard Jones' Log: PyCon 2007 day 2

Sun, 25 Feb 2007

I slept in, and then got involved in a number of conversations, so here's my late wrap-up of yesterday ;)

The talks that grabbed me were those on SQLAlchemy, IronPython status and ctypes. I missed a bunch of talks in the middle because we had an "intro to PyPI" session in which I attempted to field questions about how PyPI works and how we might improve its reliability and responsiveness. Jim Fulton has some ideas and hopefully might find some time to look into those.

There was yet more meeting up with people in the halls and conversations about web frameworks, database layers (SQLAlchemy is really cool), ctypes and its support on IronPython/FePy/PyPy, and other things that have become a bit of a blur.

I've not managed to take any photos as my phone battery was running down really quickly. I've discovered that I'd accidentally left on Bluetooth and that really drains it. Hopefully I'll manage to get some photos today and during the sprints.

We had a much more sensible evening, playing some board games. About 8 of us played Memoire 44 and I introduced some others to Set. I still ended up going to bed at about 12:30, oh well.

Sean has photos up.