Richard Jones' Log: PyCon day -1

Fri, 23 Feb 2007

I arrived yesterday but the predicted zombie-state prevented me blogging then. The flight over was competely uneventful. I'm glad I had the PSP as the plane was running the "on-demand" entertainment system which was crashing constantly. Didn't get any sleep, but pretended to for a few hours. Might've helped ;)

Met up with Brett Canon and Michael Hudson at DFW (yay for SMS) and got to the hotel at about 4:30PM. Steve Holden shouted me a beer (thanks Steve) as a few of the other NeedForSpeed'ers turned up, amongst other faces that I also recognised. Brett, David Goodger and another guy I don't recall (sorry, it's not personal, it's the melted brain) went shopping for breakfast supplies.

I had my first Wal-Mart experience. For those back home, it's kinda like a Big W with a small Bi-Lo attached to one side. With bananas on special as you walk in past the far, far too fixed-grin cheerful greeters. Scary-looking people.

Dinner was a blur. The guys at my table (Neil, Guido, Barry, Brett and Thomas, IIRC, which is not very likely) talked about whether Py3k should have a bytes literal and as they did so I kinda zoned out, full of "barbeque chicken wing" pizza (containing, again IIRC, nothing resembling a chicken wing).

Then I slept. Oh, did I sleep.

It's time to head off to the conference opening now. More later, I'm sure.