Richard Jones' Log: PyCon planning

Sat, 17 Feb 2007

PyCon 2007 is shaping up to be an extremely busy 7 days. I'm already certain I'm going to be missing out on a few things.

Thursday Meet up with Brett and Michael at airport at 3PM or so to taxi to hotel.
Check in, catch up with people, try not to scare people with post-flight zombie-ness. 5PMish - Attempt to find dinner. Try to help with bag stuffing.
7PM - Boardgames. Hah. I'll be the lamb to the slaughter, given my expected absence of brain activity.
Friday 7AM (I hope) - Breakfast, followed by rego. Then: Keynote, break, State of Zope, [Hall BoF], Using Stackless or Visual Python, lunch, Python-Dev or PyPy, Python on Parrot, break, Python in Imageworks or Good-Bye Hello World, pyweek :), Python for V.E. Pipelines or Python on the GP2X, break, Lightning Talks (maybe), PSF Members Meeting, Gaming Clinic BoF, sleep some time around 11PM.
Saturday Keynote, break, SQLAlchemy, NumPy or Testing Tools, lunch, Little Languages, Python Eggs, $64 Million :), break, [Hall BoF], Securing Python, ctypes, break, Lightning Talks, dinner, OLPC demo, Boardgame BoF, sleep some time around 12PM.
Sunday Keynote, break, Python for Modern Students (chair), Interactive Tutorials (chair), Web Widgets (chair), lunch, Stackless, [Hall BoF], [Hall BoF], break, Women and IT, break, Lightning Talks, Plenary, dinner, GameClinic / Sprint planning, sleep some time around 11PM.
Monday - Thursday Game sprinting all day, dinner, boardgaming or game sprinting.
Friday Check out bright and early, fly to Columbia OH to visit cousin.