Richard Jones' Log: PyCon sprinting begins...

Sat, 19 Mar 2005

Well, I made it to PyCon, woohoo! I've had about 6 hours' sleep since I left home on Friday morning (aussie time).

Sitting here at the distutils sprint with AMK, Fred Drake and John Camara. We've got an abitious list of things we could get done (partly inspired by the recent ChiPy sprint), and I'm being good and bossy in organising them. Fred and John are going to knock over PEP 314 (Fred has CVS commit privs, making that easier). I'm going to migrate PyPI to postgresql and start the package submission work. AMK's looking at making work better - assuming he can stop making pained noises about the wiki for long enough ;)

I've also met a bunch of people for the first time, which is way cool, and also part of the reason I'm here.

A number of us are running IRC clients in the channel #pycon.

Oh, and I've added a new Lightning Talk to clear up the confusion about the pronunciation of PyPI. It's a particular problem given that the PyPy people are in the same sprinting room as us. Yes, PyPI was named first, but it was always intended to be pronounced "pipi" with the short "ih" sound.