Richard Jones' Log: PyCon sprinting ideas

Wed, 17 Jan 2007

I've got two ideas for the sprint time at PyCon. I'd like to do something fun this time, rather than Yet Another PyPI Sprint.

My choices:

  1. Do some work on pyglet.
  2. Write a game. This could be a collaboration or could be competitive. I'm not sure of the details yet.

I'm more interested in the second one - but it'd need participants to make it work. For pyglet I can just sit in the corner :)

I could run a pyglet tutorial as well.

Comment by David Boddie on Wed, 17 Jan 2007

Sprinting on PyPI-related projects at EuroPython 2006 was fun, though I'm not sure that the MoinMoin guys appreciated me doing that in their sprint! ;-)

Comment by Doug Napoleone on Wed, 17 Jan 2007

You could help out on the convention software written in zope, django, DB/wX, and pyparse.
not that I am biased or anything.......

Comment by Richard Jones on Wed, 17 Jan 2007

Sorry, writing conference software is my day job...

Comment by Peter Masiar on Fri, 19 Jan 2007

I am big fan of Game Maker (see link) as intro language for 9-12 years old to programming. You need to try it to believe it: totally GUI drag'n'drop interface to program real playable fun games within an hour - using very high level language oriented for games. 99% of the time you don't need to write any code - all is filling event slots for each object by lego-like constructs (with intuitive icons). Perfect for kids learning to create first programs, learning IF, LOOP, EVENT, CREATE/DELETE object, timers, status etc. All these are objects with intuitive icons, easy to understand.

Overmars has very intuitive GUI to do it, sry windows only. games for 2 players (using different parts of the keyboard to navigate) are possible too.

My experience tells me it is perfect tool to hook youngsters to programming - more fun than writing boring lines in python which only write text output. Seduce them on Linux and Python :-) I will be happy to give you more info about GM - email me if interested. Thanks.

Comment by Alec Thomas on Mon, 22 Jan 2007

I'd be interested in both a Pyglet tutorial and sprint.