Richard Jones' Log: PyCon Sprints, day 1

Sun, 20 Mar 2005

Day one of the PyCon sprints was a mixed bag for the distutils group. I had good success migrating PyPI over from sqlite to postgresql. I expect that I'll actually switch over tomorrow and move on to file uploads.

AMK spent a frustrating day trying to get a better web application environment going, in the end with no real improvement, but a possibility of one. John Camara spent most of his day trying to get a PyPI development environment going on his Windows machine. Fred Drake had a good ol' bash at the distutils code to introduce the PEP 314 metadata. Additionally to the requires, provides and obsoletes terms in the PEP, he'll be looking at adding requires-feature and provides-feature. These spell out more abstract concepts than the strictly-python-module-or-package-name other terms. They will allow "requires-feature: python (2.4)" for example. We had Andy Harrington and Darrell Gallion helping out Fred near the end of the day too.

ps. no photos except the one I've uploaded to flickr (tag: pycon) - my camera is flat and my charger doesn't work (silly me, I didn't check it - the powerbook charger works OK in 110V though, which is good ;) Hopefully I can get a charger that works ...