Richard Jones' Log: PyCon Sprints, day 2

Sun, 20 Mar 2005

Another successful day of sprinting today. I got the postgres switchover done first thing this morning - and anecdotally it's running better (but then's load is about 1/10th of what it's been recently).

Martin von Loewis joined us and worked with Fred Drake on getting the PEP 314 (metadata 1.1) spec implemented (requires, provides and obsoletes predicates). I paired with Fred to work out the web interface for managing the fields. That all went live this afternoon too.

I spent the day implementing a package upload mechanism. I spent some time adding some paranoia checks on the uploaded files, with calls from around the room for ideas of things to check for. After Barry Warsaw tweaked some permissions for me, it all went live.

Yes, we now have a package archive on! There's many of us who are very excited about this :)

Tomorrow I'll spend some more time working on the user interface side of things.