Richard Jones' Log: PyCon unwind

Sat, 22 Mar 2008

I'm unwinding from PyCon in my cousin's apartment in Pittsburgh. Mostly this involves catching up with Nat, trying to get some sleep (unsuccessfully - I seem to have some sort of delayed-jetlag insomnia), catch up on email (partially successfully) and dump a bunch of photos from the camera. Photos have been updated and I now have a new title image on my blog page (thanks Toby for the old one :). I've compiled all the panoramas that were worth it and I think there's some nice ones in there. I got some nice photos of Evelyn and the PyAr guys from our downtown touristing (somehow Gui managed to dodge the camera... will have to wait to see Lucio's photos).

It's snowing outside.

Can't wait to be home.

The conference itself met and exceeded expectations. I saw some enlightening talks had some great conversations with some bright people. As already mentioned pyglet was a hit. Bruce was too, which was fun. I think I may have a contributor in Brian Dorsey, who was really nice and had some ideas and made the "python code" (in a presentation page write/edit a python program and hit F4 to execute it) Bruce page work.