Richard Jones' Log: PyCon update: talk done!

Sun, 16 Mar 2008

Well, the pyglet talk's done. The pic above is a little panorama I took about 10 minutes before the presentation (a nice man turned off the incredibly bright spotlight down the other end of the room). The room filled up a lot more as we got closer to the start time with people sitting in the aisles.

The talk went really well, with only one Bruce problem -- I couldn't see the projection screen from the podium. I intend to code up a facility to show the contents of the projection screen on the second screen (ie. laptop) alongside the notes but I just didn't have time. This combined with a very cheap mouse that didn't always click when it was supposed to meant sometimes I was talking to the wrong slide content. Oh well. It was well-received.

Oh, and I couldn't show off the t-shirt I had specially printed and organised delivery to Phil Hassey so I'd have it for the presentation. I was wearing a pullover because it was so damned cold in the presentation room :(

And then there was the BoF afterwards during which I just answered more questions for about an hour.

pyglet's got a considerable buzz here :)

(I have another panorama on flickr that I took during Guido's plenary)

Update: I've uploaded the HTML presentation notes.

Comment by Ping on Sun, 16 Mar 2008

Hi -- just passing on pointers to Slithy. Here's the demo movie I mentioned, and a page with the source code and a few other example presentations.

Comment by Richard Jones on Sun, 16 Mar 2008


Comment by Rachel on Sat, 22 Mar 2008

3 days people, that's all it took for him to assimilate completely.


Comment by Uldis Bojars on Sun, 30 Mar 2008

Must have been an interesting presentation. This and other cool presentations reported on the Web makes me sad that I could not be at PyCon.

Just one thing - slides uploaded to seem to be missing all the images. Could you point me to a version of slides with images?

P.S. That's a great panoramic photo! :)