Richard Jones' Log: PyPI spam

Fri, 07 Nov 2003

I never anticipated :)

My immediate thought is to lock off submission of packages through the web. That leaves only submission through the register command...

Update: entry removed from database by amk after I repeatedly forgot, thanks!

Comment by Ian Bicking on Sat, 08 Nov 2003

It's annoying (though really rather absurd), but it doesn't seem that hard to deal with. A lot of people still aren't using distutils, and it would be nice if those people still used PyPI -- and there's a lot of people who are announcing Python projects without registering them with PyPI. If it gets harder to submit then it'll be harder to buck that trend.

Comment by Andrey Lebedev on Mon, 10 Nov 2003

That's not an absurd. This is called increasing your google pagerank. Pypi is retranslated on many websites, so you instantly getting a huge amount of good quality links to your site...

Expect more, when more "google optimizers" will figure out the such a good possibility:)

Comment by Richard on Mon, 10 Nov 2003

OK, so there's ultimately a strange reasoning behind it. It's still absurd :)

In all of this, I forgot to kill the record off :)

Comment by A.M. Kuchling on Wed, 12 Nov 2003

Consider the record killed off.