Richard Jones' Log: PyWeek #2 finished!

Sun, 02 Apr 2006

The second PyWeek game programming challenge finished this morning. I'm stoked with the results from this challenge - 33 games were submitted in the end for judging (up 7 on last year) and the overall quality and variety in the games is quite astonishing.

We're in judging mode for the next two weeks — all entrants who put in a final entry get to rate their peers in fun, innovation and production. I've made commenting compulsory this time so entrants can get a little more feedback than last time, so we'll see how that goes.

Before anyone asks, the next challenge will be in 6 months. I'll update the website when I put in some additional code some time in the next week (I want to put in a nice summary page of all the entries).

I had quite a lot of fun creating my little entry (which ended up being quite a simple implementation of a much larger idea). I spent maybe 2 to 4 hours each day on it, for a total of about 20-25 hours. The feedback I've had from everyone in the IRC channel and in the entry diaries is that it's generally been quite fun and people are really keen to do it again. Also, quite a lot of people have talked about a) that they've learnt a lot from the experience (some entrants were total Python newbies) and b) that they're going to continue working on their game or library. So it's been quite a successful exercise, I think.

The rest of my time last week was spent playing Oblivion, which is the subject of another post.