Richard Jones' Log: PyWeek number 6

Wed, 23 Apr 2008

PyWeek 6 is all done. The entries are in and rated. It's been another great PyWeek with continued growth in participation and games produced at the end. So many games that I'm considering extending the two weeks for judging!

Greg Ewing has proposed that there be an additional Pyggy Awards challenge which encourages developers to take games produced during the latest PyWeek and improve on them over three months. At the end we run a new round of awards.

Comment by Richard Tew on Wed, 23 Apr 2008

Pyggy sounds like a great idea.

Also, I didn't realise there was an RSS feed for the PyWeek diary entries - the only reason I noticed was that I saw the Firefox RSS icon in the URL box. This isn't something I normally look at to find out if an RSS feed exists.

It might be worth making this more explicit on the site. I'm too lazy to come back and check the diary entries between competitions and the lack of response to later posts Greg mentions might be for the same reason.

It goes without saying that I am of course subscribed to the feed now :)