Richard Jones' Log: PyWeek Python Game Programming Challenge, The Second!

Tue, 10 Jan 2006

PyWeek2 is coming up. I've scheduled it for the last week of March. The exact dates are 00:00UTC Sunday 26th March to 00:00UTC Sunday 2nd April.


If you are in a position to offer hosting for PyWeek, I'd greatly appreciate it. The challenge would benefit from an FTP upload facility, and my current web hosts can't provide that. Also, I'm pushing the boundaries of my web hosting a little too. Please let me know if you can offer:

  • Python-friendly web environment (for the challenge website), or
  • FTP upload facility for competitors (anon FTP is fine - we just need a drop-box).

I've updated the challenge rules with the only change from the PyWeek1 rules being a new method of selecting the challenge theme.

Comment by Simon on Tue, 10 Jan 2006

Excellent! I can't wait...

Comment by Titus Brown on Tue, 10 Jan 2006

I may be able to offer hosting of the kind you need; contact me.

Comment by simon on Wed, 11 Jan 2006


Are these dates set in concrete? Myself, and other members of the team would like to book time off work so I can provided a better entry.

Comment by Richard on Wed, 11 Jan 2006

These dates ARE SET IN CONCRETE :)

Regardless of where the challenge is held, I've put in my leave notice for that week :)