Richard Jones' Log: Roundup's demo mode very popular

Sun, 18 Apr 2004

Roundup (my issue tracker project) has an "instant-gratification demo mode" which basically consists of running "python" in the source directory. This creates a demo tracker and starts up the web interface and allows people to poke around the thing to see what it's about.

So it turns out that people have discovered that you can just fiddle with the demo (add and remove properties, edit the HTML, etc) just like a regular tracker. And then when you're done fiddling, you just copy the directory to a "live" site.

I made this even better in 0.7, as you can now specify the backend to use in the demo (roundup has many different database backends, now including postgresql).

I highly recommend adding something like this to anyone's pet project, as it pretty much removes any barrier to entry. Well, except on Windows, where I still have to get my head around getting an installer going... :)