Richard Jones' Log: So busy...

Mon, 29 Jan 2007

Too busy, it seems, to be able to put in a solid entry to the most recent game programming challenge: the LD48 8.5 warmup 24-hour challenge. Yes, a game in 24 hours :)

It was a bit of fun though. I put pyglet's 2d scene code through its paces. I'm quite happy that I was able to throw together something pretty and playable in a short amount of time *and* code.

All up I spent about 6 hours on the game. A couple of those were spent debugging pyglet's xlib key handling. A little more on fixing a sprite texture border issue and generally fixing some aspects of the 2d scene code.

The game is checked into the pyglet SVN repos in the "examples/ld24-lander" directory. A screenshot (big) is over here.

Yes, it's Lunar Lander. Completing the game (time limit, fuel limit, ...) is left as an exercise for the reader :)

Comment by Nigel on Wed, 31 Jan 2007

6 hours? When I were a lad I did one in 40 minutes - a two player light cycle game in the middle of a maths period at school. 66 lines of BBC Basic.