Richard Jones' Log: What's new in Zope 2.7.0

Wed, 11 Feb 2004

Zope 2.7.0 is finally out! Here's what's new:

The new configuration system, modelled on the apache config file, replaces the old mess of environment variables, command-line switches and editing of the command-line script with a config file. A lot of additional configuration housecleaning was performed.
Installation is now easier
The software is now installed using standard mechanisms (no more obscure "python"!), and doesn't run in the downloaded directory. Installing individual Zope instances is done using mkzopeinstance. Installing ZEO is also now easy, with mkzeoinstance.
The old Zope combined runtime/manager has been replaced by a more clean separated daemon and manager (using zopectl). The Windows installer contains NT/2K/XP service support on a per-instance-home basis.
Other stuff
Added (my ;) reStructuredText document content type. Ordered folder support is now built in. Control Panel improvements (manage mounted databases and see all medusa servers).
General maintenance
There's been a lot of bug fixes. More importantly, there was a security audit which closed a number of potential holes

All in all, a fine release.