Richard Jones' Log: Woohoo! Roundup 0.7, first beta out the door

Wed, 24 Mar 2004

... and damn it feels good to finally get that sucker out. In short, this release has:

  • added postgresql backend (originally from sf patch 761740, many changes since)
  • RDBMS backends implement their session and one-time-key stores and full-text indexers; thus they are now performing their own locking internally
  • added new "actor" automatic property (indicates user who cause the last "activity")
  • all RDBMS backends have sensible data typed columns and indexes on several columns
  • we support confirming registration by replying to the email (sf bug 763668)
  • all HTML templating methods now automatically check for permissions (either view or edit as appropriate), greatly simplifying templates

See the online CHANGES.txt for the full list (lots of web interface improvements, ZRoundup is back, ....).

There's still a couple of minor changes to make it in, and I need to check over the documentation for the new features, but the hard work for this release is all done.

I'm really hoping that existing users can see their way to spending the half-hour to hour it would take to try this release out while it's in beta.

Comment by Keith Pitty on Wed, 24 Mar 2004

Thanks for continuing to develop Roundup, Richard. We're finding it very useful in our current project for enabling our customer to painlessly collaborate with us to keep track of issues.

Keep up the good work and if I get a chance I'll try out the beta.